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Portrait Bundle

Get serious or get silly; get seen.  Perfect for professional, social media, or dating app profiles. This option also includes couples portraits. 
Discounts may be available for larger groups looking for many individual headshots.

Subjects: 1-2

Cost: $200

Family Bundle

Celebrate a new addition to your household, commemorate a visit from the grandparents, or prepare the perfect holiday card!  
While everyone is together, we can also get some shots of subsets of the group (just the parents, just the kids, etc).

Subjects: 3-8

Cost: $250

Pet Bundle

Immortalize your favorite companion, demonstrate the adorableness of your new kitten, spruce up your “beware of corgi” sign. House calls are recommended for skittish animals and those that don’t follow directions.  
If there are more than two adults or more than two pets, this turns into a Family Portrait shoot.

Humans: 1-2
Pets: 1-2

Cost: $200

$50 neighborhood discount available for shoots within a mile of Alcatraz and Adeline in Berkeley!  
Discounts may be available for groups of people who all need similar shots.

You can expect that...

- I will treat you with respect and dignity. I would be happy to know your pronouns and any other information that will make the process more comfortable for you.
- I will be on time. Setting up lights and equipment will take 10-15 minutes.
- Results will be available within a week of shooting, barring any special considerations. If you need them sooner, let me know before we get started so that we can nail things down.
- Photos will be of high quality and consistent with our discussions prior to shooting. They will be provided in whatever digital format is most convenient for you.
- I will store the resulting finished photos until the end of the next calendar year in case they are accidentally lost or deleted.
- I will produce high quality, non-archival prints for a reasonable price.
- I will help facilitate your first order of archival prints through a reputable local print shop.

I expect that...

- You will treat me with respect and dignity.  
- You will be on time.
- If I am coming to you, you will provide a safe and sanitary environment to work in.
- You won’t ask me to photograph anything unethical or illegal. Weird is fine, but don't ask me to cross this kind of line.
- Payment will be ready at the time of the shoot (paypal, venmo, or cash).

- Working together, we'll make beautiful photographs!